Utah.Sundance Film Festival. Snowboarding/Skiing. Fun Time!!!!!!!!!

Hello Readers! Just back from Sundance Film Festival 🙂 It was an amazing trip, beyond my expectations.It is not just about the Festival it is about spending time with friends, snowboarding/skiing and have fun.

It was my fifth year going to Utah. And each year I more excited about the trip. If you never been there and you love snowboarding/skiing, you should definitely visit Utah.This year we had a group of 40 people. We went to four resorts (Solitude- Powder Mountain- Canyons and Park City). Each resort is different and absolutely amazing. My favorites are Powder Mountain and the Canyons. There are many good restaurants in Downtown and Park City. I will write more about each resort, restaurants, movies, places
to see on my next posts, follow me on my Utah winter adventure.ImageImage


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